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What’s Cooking in Albuquerque?

Breaking Bad continues to inspire travel to Albuquerque

Travelers looking for a new experience are choosing Albuquerque for their summer vacation. Film fans from around the world are especially interested in visiting after seeing Albuquerque-shot films such as The Lone Ranger, The Avengers, and the hugely popular AMC show, Breaking Bad.

“Albuquerque itself has become a character in our show. A really important character in our show,” said Bryan Cranston, who plays Walter White, in a recent radio interview. “It gave it a justifiable location. A sound, solid place that not many people have related to. They’ve seen Los Angeles, they’ve seen New York, but they haven’t really seen Albuquerque and New Mexico.”

Los Pollos Hermanos & Octopus Car Wash
Los Pollos Hermanos & Octopus Car Wash

Businesses in Albuquerque are recognizing this new audience and developing some creative products and experiences inspired by the show appeasing visitors looking for an “on-location” vacation. Many Albuquerque business owners have taken advantage of the show’s popularity to create a variety Breaking Bad visitor offerings from trolley and bike tours of the locations to candies, donuts and bath salts.

New “BaD Cooking Class” available

Great Face & Body, creators of Bathing Bad are now offering interactive and entertaining 60-minute class where students will make blue sheet candy and Bathing Bad Bath Salts inspired by Breaking Bad.

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