Jucy RV at Carpenteria State Beach, California

Jucy Campervan Rentals

On a recent visit to California, Active City Travel discovered the beauty of Jucy, (a mini camping van), on a three-day Southern California road trip.

Jucy, an Australian export, has made its way to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Things to love about Jucy camping van rentals:

1. Craving the RV experience? Instead of buying or renting a cumbersome, oversized Class A or C camping vehicle, opt for the class B minivan-sized Jucy. This converted Dodge Caravan handles better and is easier on gas than her larger counterparts.

2. Comfort: The deep, dense foam covered in a plush grey velour provides a comfortable sleep for two adults in the equivalent of a large double bed. The ventilation system works perfectly so there’s none of the morning clamminess one experiences waking up in a tent. And speaking of tents…

3. The pop-up tent penthouse allows you to bring along another couple or to store a couple of kids. This space is best used in milder climates and/or by experienced campers with better insulated sleeping bags.

4. The kitchen: To access the cute, built-in kitchen complete with a mini faux marble countertop/cutting board,  just pull up the rear door. Here you’ll find a mini fridge, 10-gallon water supply, built-in stove and perhaps even more useful, a portable gas stove to cook on a picnic table or the on – board portable table that slides out from underneath the pop-up tent. Currently, Jucy does not come with chairs so packing your own folding ones is a good idea.

Other things we would love to see on Jucy: a microwave oven would be ideal as would an on-board porta potty. For now, try to camp near the toilets or a secluded wooded space.

Jucy Los Angeles: 15318 Hawthorne Blvd, Lawndale, Ca 90260, USA

RESERVATIONS: 1800 650 4180
HOURS:  9am to 4:30pm (mon-fri) 9am to 12pm (sat), Sunday Closed.

Distance from Airport  8.0 kilometres / 5.0 miles

Distance from City  24.0 kilometres / 15.0 miles
Taxi Fare  Airport $25 USD / City $40 USD (approx)

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4 thoughts on “Jucy Campervan Rentals”

  1. The color was a real conversation starter – we met several campers that way – all who were eager for a tour but it was cozy and very well ventilated too.

  2. I could really use one of these Jucy vans. Who wants to wrestle with a tent at the end of a long drive or in the morning, after a rain? The popup penthouse sounds fresh. And there’s a safety factor, too, in not lying on ground level with nothing but fabric between you and wildlife:o Yes, I could really enjoy a Jucy.

  3. Would never have thought of this. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Jucy looks like a fun way for a couple to travel independently and a great option for foodies. I really love that mini kitchen but am not sure how much I’d love driving around with such a wild paint job on the exterior! It looks easy to park and manoeuvre about in the city too.

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