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Buffalo Revisited

There are a lot more reasons to shuffle off to Buffalo besides seeking out the best chicken wings—though those are here, too. Here are the seven best reasons to visit Buffalo now.

Darwin D. Martin House

Thanks to the University of Buffalo’s purchase of Buffalo businessman Darwin D. Martin’s house in 1966, one of the masterpieces of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright remains intact. Now almost completely restored, visitors can tour this classic Prairie-style house, considered by Wright scholars as one of the best examples in existence.

Architectural Walking Tours

Maps are available online from Visit Buffalo and self-guided tours include the ornate City Hall—the scene of Friday night art openings. Upon completion of the tour, pop into one of several new and notable restaurants, including Seabar, which specializes in seafood and sushi with a contemporary twist.


This expanding riverfront revival project now hosts several restaurants, pubs and the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park—perfect for military history buffs and kids who love crawling all over WWII warships. Thursday nights feature free concerts while sailing excursions abound. Nearby, check out the Times Beach Nature Preserve, which is perfect for a sunset stroll or a bike or kayak excursion in the shadow of the historic grain silos.

Albright Knox Gallery

With a greater emphasis on contemporary art and shows that include young Canadian artists, this modern art museum is governed by the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, one of the oldest public arts institutions in the U.S.

Party Neighbourhoods

Hit Little Italy’s Hertle Avenue strip for lively café patios and bargain boutique shopping. Elmwood is a great place to chat with locals over coffee, shop and go out for dinner. The Allentown strip features art galleries and energetic pubs, while just to the north, foodies should check out The Left Bank‘s patio for updated Italian classics.

Delaware Park

Designed by Frederick Law Olmstead of NYC’s Central Park fame, visitors can row boats on the lake or hike and bike the numerous trails. There’s even a golf course on site, but real golfers head to Amherst to play Glen Oak—the Robert Trent Jones track with bargain green fees.

Travel Planner

Bonus Tip: If you’re driving from southern Ontario, call 1-800-715-6722 to compare border crossing times. Also, book your accommodations early to score a budget Airbnb room in a Victorian House near the desirable Elmwood area.

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